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A whiskey adventure for you and me.

  1. Writing on the coaster

    Charm A Whiskey Girl // I


    Bypass the Maker’s Mark. Every man in America seems to have it in his mind that a glass of Maker’s on the rocks is a surefire way to win a heart, or at least a conversation; it is not well, nor Beam, nor a gamble. It sure seems expensive enough to impress. Listen, Maker’s requires neither the thought nor the palette sufficient to rouse a whiskey girl. A Maker’s Manhattan has only become standard due to alliteration, not taste. Sorry Maker’s! You’re alright but there’s certainly better. 

    Survey the selection. Nearly every bar nowadays stocks a bottle of Bulleit, and perhaps also a Bulleit Rye. A Bulleit on the rocks is the simplest path to success — it’s smooth and subtle and strong. That glass of “frontier whiskey” is Americana and simplicity and also, a high alcohol content. Other easily available options: a Knob Creek is what you meant to order when you eyed the Maker’s, and try it chilled; an Eagle Rare is smooth enough to appease even an unseasoned whiskey drinker; a Basil Hayden carries a name recognition with a flavor that easily validates it. 

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