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  1. Writing on the coaster

    Gift a Whiskey Drinker: bottled cocktails

    It’s a rising trend and an excellent gift. We’ve bottled our own, but The Handmade Cocktail Company has you covered — and they’ve bottled some excellent vintages at that. 

    May we suggest: 

    The World’s Best Cocktail 2012 : Essentially a bottled Vieux Carré, the most worthwhile as pre-bottling goes since making your own at home would require a few liquors and a few bitters. 

    The Boulevardier : The claim is that they’ve bottled “a big burst of sweet Bourbon with cranberries, glâce cherries and nutmeg,” which, while bold, still sounds enticing. 

    The Ultimate Old Fashioned 2012 : As I see it, neither the Old Fashioned nor the Manhattan are really worth purchasing bottled; they are simple enough to mix up at home. But if you’re feeling indulgent, by all means order this $644 cocktail, made with rare whiskey from the 60s and homemade bitters.