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  1. Writing on the coaster

    Charm a Whiskey Girl // VII: Down with devices.


    Get off your damn phone. Walk into any bar in America and survey the barstools. Cast your eyes on anyone sitting alone. How many of them have a phone clutched in their hands? Nowadays, the smartphone has replaced the book, the meditative stare, the bartender banter, the newspaper, the board game, the television screen, and the physical friend. A quick survey will reveal: a mundane string of text messages, a Words with Friends battle, a few lines of novel cast on a 3”x4” screen, a Facebook newsfeed, and ostensibly, the glories of a well-connected world. Yet here we all are, as any curmudgeon will grumble, entirely isolated in our digital worlds. You know what’s really sexy? Someone who can sit alone in a bar without needing a device. 

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