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    Charm a Whiskey Girl // VIII: Light their fire.


    Strike a match instead. Perhaps this should be prefaced with a rehashing of the perils of cigarette smoking: sour breath, yellowed skin, lung disease, dull teeth, a persistent cough. Sure. That’s all true. But those who smoke don’t seem to regard that as is. Least of all after a few drinks. So if you’re going to smoke, grab a few matchbooks on the way out to the curb. Maybe you conjure up 1950s rebels with an implacable Midatlantic accent and side combed hair and therein lies all the perceived charm, but whatever the case, it’s charming as hell. It even leaves the lingering scent of campfire in its wake. Listen, it’s long been a tried-and-true to move to ask someone for a light. But you know how to really up the ante? When they ask, let them draw their cigarette to their lips, step towards them generously, flick that match, cup out the wind from the flame, and melt a heart. 

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