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A whiskey adventure for you and me.

  1. Still frame

    -Charles Baudelaire

    -Charles Baudelaire

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  2. Quote of the night

    My dad was the town drunk. Most of the time that’s not so bad; but New York City?

    — Henny Youngman

  3. Still frame

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  4. Writing on the coaster

    Charm a Whiskey Girl // III: Don’t get drunk.

    Don’t get drunk. Sure, alcohol calms your nerves, delivers clever anecdotes from your lips, and seems to cast a dulcet filter over whomever you’re glancing at. But monitor your intake. On an off-night with an honest friend, calculate just how long each drink maintains your wit before destroying it. Pacing is a delicate, yet crucial, science. When on a date, keep a glass of water nearer to you than your spirit, and sip nervously from this glass whenever compelled. You are likely at your most charming a drink and a half in. Your liver dispels a drink an hour. Calculate accordingly.  

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