Log Date

A whiskey adventure for you and me.

  1. Writing on the coaster

    Julian van Winkle offers up Pappy alternatives:


    "My first pick? That’d be seven-year-old W.L. Weller. It’s very close to ours, sweet and a lot of caramel. If you can’t get that, try Maker’s 46. It’s a little more interesting, with that extra French-oak aging that they use. Third would be Four Roses, the single-barrel. And if that’s not available, then I’m gonna go drink vodka."

  2. Quote of the night

    He didn’t have a lab, just some litmus paper and a hydrometer to get the proof right. He believed all you need to make fine bourbon are Mother Nature and Father Time.

    — Julian Van Winkle (on grandfather Pappy’s approach to crafting quality bourbon) 

  3. Writing on the coaster

    Facts of Bourbon: on the “Angels’ share”

    "As the whiskey ages, it evaporates volume through the wood—10 percent the first year and 4 to 5 percent each subsequent year, an attrition known as the angels’ share. On a twenty-three-year-old barrel, the angels’ share is about fifty gallons out of the original fifty-three, which partly explains Van Winkle 23’s heart-stopping expense. ‘When it comes to our bourbon, the angels are very greedy,’ Van Winkle observes.”

    (Source: gardenandgun.com)