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A whiskey adventure for you and me.

  1. Writing on the coaster

    What the hell is white whiskey anyway?

    This question keeps rolling in, as the bars keeps rolling out drinks with a “white dog” base. 

    Listen, it’s moonshine. 

    It’s baby whiskey fresh from the still, unaged. The barrels used for aging give bourbon its signature notes and flavors and, ultimately, its rich, distinctive hue. Bereft of that, you’ve got yourself a clear liquid flavored solely by the corn. 

    So no, this whiskey is not bootlegged from Uncle Bill somewhere in the yonder of the Adirondacks. It’s more than likely from your craft microdistillery — they’ve got something to put out on the shelves to stay afloat while the rest of the batch idles in barrels in the back. 

    Locally-minded bartenders plucked them on up, and began experimenting. Consumers took note, clamored for more. The trend is certainly reaching a swell, as major distilleries are now churning them out. Thus, moonshine is seeing a resurrection on bar menus nationwide. 

  2. Still frame

    Bourbon on tap! | Broken Record, San Francisco

    Bourbon on tap! | Broken Record, San Francisco

  3. Writing on the coaster

    Gift a Whiskey Drinker: bottled cocktails

    It’s a rising trend and an excellent gift. We’ve bottled our own, but The Handmade Cocktail Company has you covered — and they’ve bottled some excellent vintages at that. 

    May we suggest: 

    The World’s Best Cocktail 2012 : Essentially a bottled Vieux Carré, the most worthwhile as pre-bottling goes since making your own at home would require a few liquors and a few bitters. 

    The Boulevardier : The claim is that they’ve bottled “a big burst of sweet Bourbon with cranberries, glâce cherries and nutmeg,” which, while bold, still sounds enticing. 

    The Ultimate Old Fashioned 2012 : As I see it, neither the Old Fashioned nor the Manhattan are really worth purchasing bottled; they are simple enough to mix up at home. But if you’re feeling indulgent, by all means order this $644 cocktail, made with rare whiskey from the 60s and homemade bitters. 

  4. Old-fashioned Hyperlink

    "Slow Drinks, Faster
    Everyone enjoys a fancy and complicated cocktail from time to time, but nothing kills a buzz quite like waiting 20 minutes for your beverage to be concocted. At last, considerate bartenders have devised clever ways to speed up the process. A few of our favorite tricks: serving batch cocktails like punch (at Cienfuegos in New York City), putting mixed drinks on tap (at Sanctuaria in St. Louis), pouring barrel-aged cocktails over ice (at Tigress Pub in Austin), bottling popular menu items before bar service begins (at Canon in Seattle), and storing bottled cocktails for individual customers (at Saxon & Parole in NYC). Soon, getting up to order a drink from the bar won’t take much longer than fixing it yourself—and you won’t have to wash any dishes afterward.”